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Turbo’s Origins

About the name Turbo

The character Turbo, in the Ruby and Turbo Duo, has such a generic name because that was the name of an imaginary sidekick robot I had as a young child. So I chose the name based on the idea that it resonates with young Ruby, not because I think it’s a great name. My childhood sidekick robot was not so vividly imagined as is Ruby’s Turbo, and was not such a big part of my life, as Turbo is to Ruby. Given this background, though, I have not considered other names. It works and is authentic to Ruby’s character.

Terbo was a sidekick to a character I sometimes imagined myself to be, named Foxen. For the record, I did not spend even a moment considering the name Foxen for Ruby’s character; A little girl named Foxen would be weird and creepy. I imagined, as Foxen, that I could morph myself into any living thing. My sidekick Terbo could morph into any mechanical thing. My younger brother, “Bidge” (who always got stuck playing Luigi, when we played Super Mario), played the part of Terbo a few times, but most often Terbo was only in my imagination. That said, Turbo is not based on Terbo in any way. The idea of Turbo’s character came first, and only when trying to think of a good name for a sidekick robot did memories of Terbo come to mind.

One of my fondest memories of Terbo was when, to fight boredom in church growing up, I would imagine that he turned himself into a fancy watch loaded with features. So, I knew I had won Life when, as an adult, I bought an Apple Watch.

Drawing from early childhood.

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